Don't Let Your Stumps Stump You

Don't Let Your Stumps Stump You

Let us get to the root of the problem with our stump grinding services in Tyler, TX

Once you get rid of the unwanted trees on your property, you'll have to do something about your stumps. Boutin Brothers Property Services in Tyler, TX can tackle your stump grinding. We offer discounted stump grinding if you've had us remove trees or if you have more than one stump you need to get rid of.

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Grinding your stump down completely

Want a knowledgeable pro to get rid of your stumps? We go the extra mile for our customers. During stump grinding, we grind down a maximum of six inches below ground level. This creates space for us to fill over the remaining parts of the stump with topsoil so you can grow grass in this part of your yard. Without this extra depth or a full stump removal, you may not be able to grow anything in the patch where your stump was.

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